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Sri seshadri Ashram
Hall For Homas To All

The smoke of Homam performed in this complex
will reach heaven and will acts as a bridge.

- Mahan Sri Seshadhri

Ganapathi Homam, Aayusia Homam are performed with Miruthunjaya Jepam on behalf of devotees.
It will be felt that the smoke raising from the Homam create a cool and pleasant situation.
Homam are performed daily without interruption.
It is better to the donar be present at the time of performing Homam.
Desired Homam will be performed for the donars and the Gothra, Star, Rasi and Name of the donar will be spelt during Homam.
Names of family members and their star should be given in seperate sheet.
All can participate in the ‘Purnaaguthi’.
The Holy water from he Homam will be used for Abisheka of the Mahan. Later it will be distributed.
The Homam which are good for the human only are performed here.
The number of priest performing the Homam will be increased as per desire of the donar.

Deprive Difficulties
Deprive Illness
Increase in life span
Improvement in health
No fear of death
No enemity
Obtain grace of God
Flourishing wealth
Wishes will be fulfilled
Can get mental peace
Charges for homam

Rs.750/- for both Homam and Abishegam.
Contact the office for the charges for performing special Homam.
Inform the date, star, gothra, etc. of the family members in advance and get confirmed.
Your arrival to the Homam to be informed well in advance.
To those who cannot be present during Homam Prasadham will be sent by post.
The mode of payment, procedures and details of Income Tax concession are furnished seperately.
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