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Sri seshadri Ashram
Routinism in Ashram

: Dawn 5 o’ Clock : Opening of the Sanctum Sanctorum.
: The daily morning worship (Kala Sandhi)
: Anointing with sacred water to
Holy Sezunsudar Vinayagar
Holy bathing for KaalaNagam
Holy bathing for the Holy Mahan
Holy bathing for Manasa Devi
Holy bathing for Artha Nareeswarar Chakram
Holy bathing for Annai Umadevi
Holy bathing for Dhakshinamoorthi
Holy bathing for Durgai Amman
Holy bathing for Mahan Bathrajala Swamigal
Holy bathing for Gnanapeeda Nayagargal
Holy bathing for Sadai Swamigal
Holy Deepa Aaraadhanai for all Sanctum
Sanctorum (Sannathi)
: Sweet pongal oblation
: Daily adoration (Homam) at 9 a.m. for the welfare of devotees and the world.
: Mid day Pooja at 11 a.m.
: Holy bathing and offering flowers and other things for Mahan and Umadevi Amma.
: This is the only place where the prayers of all religious are conducted.
: Ven Pongal and Curd Rice oblation.
: Mageswara pooja for sacred saints.
: Annathanam at Annapoorani Mandapam.
: The Holy Panegyric sound with bells (Mangala Isai)
: Closing of the sanctum at 12.30 p.m.
: Again opening of sanctum sanctorum at 4 p.m.
: Poojas during the sunset anointing with holy sacred water to Mahan and Annai Umadevi.
: Rhetorics with flowers and other materials at holy sanctum sanctorum
: Holy Deepa Aaraadhanai at 6 p.m.
: Lighting of the Samathies of Sadai Swamigal and Kannadi Swamigal
: Lighting of Putru Nagam and Tulasi Maadam (Holy Basil)
: Perfuming all Sanadhi’s with Sambrani
: Holy Deepa Aaraadhanai for all Sannathies
: Devotional Songs from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
: Distribution of holy food
: Closure of the holy Sanctum Sanctorum at 9 p.m.
: In auspious days this routinism will be changed. Example Days : Aaraadhanai and Jayanthi days of Mahan and UmaDevi Amma
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