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Sri seshadri Ashram
Free Food Offering


sri seshadri ashramThe world is going fast and children forget the birthdays of parents and such is the way of life of present day.
sri seshadri ashramIn due course, the faces of the deceased ancestors are vanishing from the memory. Such neglect causes curses by ancestors (pitru).
sri seshadri ashramFree Food Offerings is the only way to obtain the blessing of ancestors, console them, eliminate vices and bring in virtues (punniyam).
sri seshadri ashramInstead of doing Free Food Offering individually by keeping the days in memory. it is better to do the Free Food Offering through Ashram which will pave way for all virtues.
sri seshadri ashramThe Ashram will take responsibility to do Free Food Offering on particulars days fixed by donars.
sri seshadri ashramEven after death (of donar) it will continue.
sri seshadri ashramIt will continue ever upto the last day to the existance of the Ashram.
sri seshadri ashramOnly english days are now followed.
sri seshadri ashramIn future Free Food Offering will be done accoring to star and thithi.

sri seshadri ashramThe fixed deposit for Free Food Offering scheme is Rs.1000/- only
sri seshadri ashramThe scheme will be enforced only after completion of one year from the date of deposit.
sri seshadri ashramThe Free Food Offering will be carried out by the interest received from the fixed deposit.
sri seshadri ashramIt is enough to pay only once.
sri seshadri ashramIf desired it can be paid in multiples of Rs.1000/-

sri seshadri ashramSpecial Free Food Offering is carried out and every full moon day and offered to the people going around the Holy Hill.
sri seshadri ashramEvery year on the day of Maha Sivarathiri special Free Food Offeringis carried out after every pooja session.
sri seshadri ashramSpecial Free Food Offering is carried out here on the days of Karthigai Deepam.
sri seshadri ashramDuring Navarathiri Festive occasion also Free Food Offering is carried out.
sri seshadri ashramOn the next day to the monthly Free Food Offering during the month of Aipasi Special Free Food Offering carried out.
sri seshadri ashramOn the Birthday (Jayanthi) and on other Holy days Special Free Food Offering is carried out.
sri seshadri ashramIt is specially worthy to mention that during Special Free Food Offering to Sadhus, Maheswara pooja will also be performed.
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