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Saint Umadevi - Part - VI

Miracle in the Mukthi day : After the very long time of Mukthi; her hands
and legs could be folded and could be seated.
Her face was fresh and glorious.
The body heat was maintained,
just like living person.
Without more effects the body entered
easily to Samathi.
Samathi was done by: A Youth Sesha Bhaktha A.D.M.P.
Lawyer chandra Mohan
Where is her Samathi : Inside the Campus of the Ashram where
Mother already pointed out. Just north to
the Samathi of Sri Seshadhri Swamigal with linga.
The way by which she got Mukthi : She went in flowered devine plane
(Pushbaga Vimanam)
She got highest stage.
She bacame sage known by sages.
After Mukthi : She is saving the people as before.
Devote to the devotees of Seshadhri Swamigal.
If the demand is written in a paper and
put before her shrine, she gave the boon.
Her recommendation is still continuing
with Seshadhri Swamigal.
She is guiding the Ashram.
She gave the grace continously
about her bodyless movement?
: It is true even now.

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