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saint umadevi
Saint Umadevi - Part - IV

How Seshadhri talked through
her Words?
: Seshathri Swami will appear in front
of Mother Umadevi.
Then he will reply for her questions.
She will convey his talk.
Are Sheshatri Swamigal and
Mother Umadevi father and daughter?
: Seshatri was Brahmmachari and He
merged in the light of Siva on 1929.
Umadevi was born only in 1942.
Then What ?: Guru - Sishya relationship
How Seshatri selected Mother
Umadevi for his bodyless activities?
: First teached through a man
and then stopped.
Then acted through Oounchalur Kaveri
Ammal, Bangaloru, Parvadammal Mahan
himself selected them.
But Umadevi was selected by the God
and gave to Seshadhri Swamigal.
Is it believable or possible?: It is ordinary obvious in Spiritality.
Uses of this? : Karmas were removed.
Diseases disappeared.
The evilness disappared.
The obstructions for marriage removed.
People got wisdom.
Got motherwood days.
Sins were reduced.
The way of devotion improved.
The spritual Devotion developed spreaded.
The number of Sesha devotees increased.
The devine secret was unfolded.
The greatness of Mahan was understood.
Godís grace was received.
The Ashram improved.

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