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Saint Umadevi - Part - II

Miracle in the Childhood : She gave thiruneeru (sacred ashes) to a
servant whose fever disappeared.
Family life: daughter in law of a rich and royal family
of Tiruvannamalai.
9th September,1964.
Vinayakas Chathurthi day.
Since husband was famous advocate,
they lived in Chennai.
They came to Tiruvannamalai in search of the wisdom.
Life of Dhavam : Medidation: Twelve years, hard medidation
Esaki Mahan guided to the good way
She took only milk and fruit as only food
She got boon of huger lessness
She saw many saintís dharshan.
She became sage with family life.
The gifts received from that
above Life
: She can move in suptle invisible manner.
She has gained powers called Ashtama Sithigal.
She talk with human being.
She talk with the inner mind of the human beings.
She will speak with the human spirits.
She will speak with the souls of saints.
She will speak with the Gods.
She knew the divine secrets of Gods.
She viewed and showed the appearance of the God.

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